Williams Asphalt is one of if not the best paving operations in the greater Lansing area. Family owned and operated business that takes great pride in every project they do. They have done several paving jobs for me over the years and they have always done an outstanding job. They always go the extra mile to ensure the job is done short cuts with these guy.

Jim B

I truly have never even been here before, but let me tell y'all. I was stranded on the side of the road after the shop messed up my breaks and a man in a truck stopped to check if I was okay and see if I needed a ride. I have no idea who he is, but he took the time to stop and was willing to take me anywhere I needed to go. A man who would do all of that for a complete stranger couldn't possibly be a part of a company that would screw you over. So 5 stars because working with a good person means almost as much as how well of a job they do! Thanks again sir, if you ever see this.

Victoria Jones

Very happy with my driveway, they took the time to make sure everything was level & lined up perfectly. They also cleaned up after the work so well that the only way you knew they had been here was the new driveway....Thank You Williams Asphalt!!!

Bob Graham

The customer service, professionalism, time and care they put into their work is outstanding. Their use of an ECO-friendly product really puts them to the top of my list. They take great pride in what they do to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Mady Sleep

I highly recommend using Williams Asphalt. My driveway has never looked so good! Their customer service, attention to detail in their work, and overall professionalism exceeds all other asphalt companies I have worked with. This family owned business cares about their employees, their customers, and the environment.

Heather Ann