Don't Let Cracks Become Expensive Asphalt Replacement

Don't Let Cracks Become Expensive Asphalt Replacement

Seal the cracks in your pavement to prevent asphalt failure

Asphalt pavement is a big investment, and it can last for decades if it's well maintained. If your maintenance budget is limited, crack sealing is the single most effective and beneficial thing you can do to preserve your investment. Although asphalt cracks are inevitable, if they're sealed properly, water isn't able to penetrate the asphalt surface, and a wide variety of problems are prevented.

When water seeps through asphalt cracks, the base and sub-grade below are eroded, which destroys the load-bearing capacity of the pavement. Over time, more cracks will form, and you'll see potholes, sinkholes, and fatigue cracking (also referred to as alligator cracking.) If left untreated, each of these issues can eventually create a large enough problem that the asphalt will need to be removed and replaced.

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